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You can purchase a ticket within 1 hours of the scheduled trip departure time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For our foreign guest. It is very important if you purchased a ticket online that SBP has the ability to communicate with you via phone or email. Parasailing is a weather sensitive activity and we want to be able to update you if there are any changes in your scheduled reservation. We will try to notify you of any schedule changes a minimum of 1 hour prior to your scheduled departure time.


If the weather doesn’t work out for you and you can’t reschedule. The tickets are 100% REFUNDABLE.  Weather related  cancellations are determined by the SBP management.

We require a 24-hour notice of cancellation for a full refund. You can make this request via phone or email.

Early Bird tickets are non-refundable on the day of.

Same day cancellations for regular tickets are entitled to a 50% Refund.

It can take anywhere from 5-7 business days for your money to be credited back to you, from the day we initiate the refund.


WEATHER: Parasail flights depend entirely on the weather. We will not be parasailing if sustained winds exceed 20mph with maximum wind gust of 25mph. Seas must be less than 4 feet. Weather is the biggest variable with parasailing, to be specific wind is the biggest factor. It’s the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’ on determining if weather conditions will permit the parasailing.

AGE REQUIREMENTS:  Children under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them before boarding the boat (I.D. Required). SBP can email the minor waiver to be filled out prior, if your children are going to be accompanying another family or group on a trip to Miami Beach. Minimum age to parasail is 6 years of age.

PHYSICAL RESTRICTIONS: If you are PREGNANT, have a HEART CONDITION, BAD BACK or any other physical conditions that will be aggravated by potential rough conditions on the ocean or the parasail flight.  In the name of safety for you, other participants and our crew. The SBP staff has the right to determine if an individual is fit to participate in parasailing activity. We want everybody to have the best experience possible.

WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: It is the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’. We always do our best to accommodate your request on how and who you fly with. However, SAFETY is our number one priority. The parasail requires a certain amount of weight to perform a safe flight. The weight parameters may change at the time of your ride due to changing wind and ocean conditions. Parasailing is a dynamic activity. For this reason, small children or lighter passengers may have to fly with an adult or larger passenger. Again in the end, it is  the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’.   Minimum weight for a parasail flight is  180lbs. (81kg). Maximum weight is 450lbs (204kg). This would be the maximum combined weight for 2 or 3 people flying together. Again, these parameters may change at time of ride.


SBP works hard to stay on schedule.

1.) Please take the time to plan on how you are going get our location. Traffic and parking can be your biggest challenge, leave yourself plenty of time to get to us. Please read your confirmation email, it has direction and locations specifics. Do not rely on Google. We ask that you show up 30 minutes early.  Shuttle vessel can leave up to 10 minutes prior to advertised parasail trip time.

2.) This is a weather sensitive activity, because of this our schedule may change. Understand these changes are for your safety and to promote you having a great parasailing experience. We know your time is valuable, but add some time flexibility into your schedule.

FLIGHT TIME:  The whole activity can take up to 1 hour if you are on a full trip. Our trips are normally made up of a group of 6 passengers. Parasail flight times are as followed: Flight time for flyers is approx. 8-10 minutes.

OBSERVERS:  Are only taken if there are open seats for that trip. They are taken on a first come first serve basis for a fee of $45 per person.


We are located physically on the beach behind the Loews Hotel at 1601 Collins Ave. IMPORTANT you can not walk through the hotel, you must walk around it. Please use the Lincoln Road beach access or the paved pathway  between the Loews Hotel and Royal Palm Hotel to walk out on to the beach. Once you have made it to the beach, you will then need to look for the water sports area. Look for the RED UMBRELLAS along with vertical Stars and Stripes banner flag. The banner flag is the marker for water sports area. Our RED UMBRELLAS have the word PARASAIL printed on it.

Parking, there is NO FREE parking in Miami Beach. But there is some cheap parking across the street from the Loews Hotel @ 236 16th St., Anchor Shops Garage. Try this parking garage first.

Any personal belongs can be kept in our beach box or dry storage box. Electronic equipment is permitted on the boat and while your parasailing, at your own risk. Plan according with waterproof cases or something to protect your devices. The wettest part of this activity potentially is going from the beach to parasail boat on our shuttle boat.

Plan on getting wet. If ocean conditions are calm you will be getting your feet wet. If ocean conditions are rough, more than your feet will be getting wet. In general it is just a momentary splash of water. It’s just water, we will all survive.

The ‘Photo Package’. SBP crew takes pride in capturing your parasail experience on camera. Some of the best photos are when you are just  leaving the boat and ascending into the air, coming in for a dip in the water and landing back on the boat. Not every picture is going to be a “perfect 10”. We are on a moving boat with some difficult lighting conditions at certain times. However, we believe we take a big enough sample size of photos that your are going to end of with some “perfect 10’s”


The beauty of parasailing is given the right conditions, it is an activity that most everybody can experience. There is no steering, no driving. You are just along for the ride. That being said if you have a disability or no somebody that does and are wanting to know if you or they can fly. Give us a call or send a email. We would love to show you an experience of lifetime.